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About Us

Mom's Métier (métier: profession, craft, line (of work), specialty) is a Singapore based online shopping for kids clothing. Mainly inspired by the Malay Cultured design such as baju kurung & kebaya, infused with modern design (peplum etc.). Designs are carefully thought out by us with the comfort of children at heart & from constructive feedbacks/suggestions from friends & families.

Most of the items are handworks of a mother, Norhaya (founder), who has been in tailoring since her teenage years & actively involved since 2007. Assisted by her sister, Faridah, who is equally involved in all kinds of handiworks (knitting etc.) since teenagers.

Updates on new items maybe be fast or slow, large or minimal depending on the time taken for an outfit to be completed.

These are only few of her products tailored over the years for eid.

Shopping cart, website updates, sales & promotions are handled solely by her daughter, Ida.
It's time we do deeds for our mom in return for all that she's done for us! This is for you, mom!

Thank you for your support & making a mom's dream become a reality!